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Buzz60 Latino

Zazoom Media Group’s flagship brand Buzz60 continues to find success almost 5 years after launching. Since they cover a wide variety of subjects it has always been the intention to spin out some of those “verticals” into their own stand-alone brand. The first foray into this is Buzz60 Latino has “…an eye toward the future,  [addressing] topics that are most relevant to the ever-growing population of U.S. Hispanics; a community that is young, information-driven, upwardly mobile, inspired and socially engaged. The mission of buzz60 Latino is to become a trusted brand among Hispanics.”

Rock Paper Pixel built off the parent brand and with the direction of the client, notably Edgar Perez and Helen Jonsen, we created a fun, engaging brand that speaks more directly to the latino demographic.


Buzz60 Latino logo


Buzz60 Latino artwork


Buzz60 Latino animation storyboard