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Sustainability is very important to us. We are always trying to learn how to live and work in a greener way. We help our clients produce greener products. We created this area on our website to share resources, interesting articles and cool ideas we come across on this topic. We would love to hear anything you'd like to share.

Climate Reality

Check out the wonderful Climate Reality Project founded by Al Gore. On Sept 15th, 2011 they brought us 24 hours of “Reality”, a worldwide event to highlight the climate change crisis. 24 presenters in 24 timezones gave a presentation once per hour on the effects of climate change in their region. Live presentations were made from around the world. You can watch the presentations on the Climate Reality website.

The Future of Light!

We’ve all been told that Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are the environmentally responsible choice, but these bulbs contain mercury and if you break one, the clean-up recommendations from the EPA are rather onerous. Who wants to panic every time you break a light bulb? Also, they are not so easy to get rid of even if you don’t break them.

In New York City residents are allowed to throw them in the trash, but this leads to soil and water pollution because they will go straight into landfill β€”or break on the way, releasing mercury vapor into the environment. So it is important to recycle them, and this is the law in many states. The problem is that it’s not so easy to recycle CFL bulbs. It usually requires a trip to your local Hazardous Waste Disposal plant. Home Depot, IKEA and Lowe’s all have CFL recycling programs, so if you live near one of these stores that’s a handy option.

We use CFL’s in our office, but we’re looking for a better solution. Sounds like there might be one on the way!


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