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Our Berlin outpost is up and running. Yes!!  Here’s to lots of great NYC > Berlin > San Francisco collaborations!

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Zazoom Grows Up

Back in the mid-2000’s it was apparent that the journalism world was heading into a cataclysmic shift. The online world was heating up as the major platform for delivery and the old forms were withering. People had less time to devote to consuming information, particularly long-form, investigative pieces. Jay DeDapper, husband of Tod Wohlfarth, one of Rock Paper Pixel’s Creative Directors, recognized this shift and began speaking with colleagues at WNBC about satisfying this need for short-form online video content. In 2009 he decided it was time to put this idea into action and Zazoom was born.


Starting out in 2011 with a small studio in downtown Manhattan, the first product Zazoom created was Buzz60. It revolved around 60 second clips of easily digestible viral and topical news and entertainment stories. By the end of the first year Buzz60 was distributed by over a dozen partners on hundreds of websites, garnering millions of views.

As Zazoom continued to grow and started to create other products like Debunk’d and Parenticity, it was clear that the initial playful and fun identity no longer reflected the mature and thoughtful nature of the parent brand. Rock Paper Pixel set out to come up with a solution. At first we stuck with the name Zazoom. But the more we tried it just didn’t seem to fit any longer. So we recommended a name change. Our client was receptive to the idea and Zazoom Media Group put on it’s power suit.


Donostia NYC

Rock Paper Pixel was delighted to produce the brand for Donostia, a wonderful Basque tapas bar in the East Village. Check out this great article about them…  Congratulations guys!


Mobile Apps: A Primer

Check out this talk from Internet Week. A good primer on mobile applications: native applications versus websites.

Buzz60: A Banner First Year

Video is exploding all over the internet. The stats are up as consumers increasingly turn towards “on-demand”, multi-device viewing. From their tablets, to their phones and televisions, people are watching more video. And Buzz60, Zazoom’s flagship internet television channel, is off to a rousing start.